Million Native Trees Campaign in the Peruvian Andes

New Sapling


During the rainy season, the first stage of the Campaign was implemented.

In December 2008, training on how to plant the trees, organized by Yachay Wasi with the participation of local biologists, was given to residents of Acopia and nearby villages.

Visitors in the Cusco region were also invited to participate in the planting events. New Saplings

In January and February 2009, 6,000 native trees were planted around the lake of Acopia and the villages of Acopia and Santo Domingo.

Families, including children, of Acopia and Santo Domingo were involved in the planting of these trees.

The first 2,000 Native Trees were paid for by donations from the general public. 4,000 more trees were bought on credit.


. Nursery Truckload Luis Delgado

Saplings were purchased from a Nursery in Cuzco, loaded into a truck and delivered to the Andean village of Acopia.

Photos above - left to right: Nursery in Cuzco, Truckload of native saplings and Luis Delgado Hurtado, Yachay Wasi president in truck

. Acopia 1 Acopia 2

Photo Left -First Stage: Acopia family on way to planting trees. This photo was shown in UNEP 2009 Annual Report pgs 34, 35 Acopia Acopia 1 Acopia 2 Acopia

Each family of the Acopia community collects 25 saplings and carry them to the area selected by the community. The families of neighboring village of Santo Domingo were invited to do the same at a later date in January 2009. Acopia Acopia Acopia