International Students Hosting

Yachay Wasi has hosted International Students many times in its Cuzco base for various reasons, since its accreditation with the United Nations in 1997.

Most recently:

US Students plant Native trees in Peru Andes.

Since 2008, Yachay Wasi has been planting High Altitude Native Trees in the beautiful Circuit of Four Lakes in the Peru Andes.

In October 2011, the director of the Peru Study-Service Team of Goshen College in Indiana, USA, and 18 students participated in the Planting effort during Peru rainy season. TreesStudents

One of these students, Joshua, returned in November for a 6-weeks service stage in the Quechua speaking village of Acopia.

In January 2012, 16 students and the SST Director, with his family, arrived in the village of Acopia for two days of planting activities.

They were welcomed by the Mayor of Acopia and by Luis Delgado Hurtado, Yachay Wasi president. After breakfast in the home/office of Yachay Wasi, they rode to the vicinity of Lake Acopia where the first day of planting took place.

The second day was on the Puma Wasi mountain, near a vicuña reserve. This high area overlooks the lakes of Acopia and Pomacanchi.

Goshen 2011 Service in Acopia

From the UN Secretary-General report on Sustainable Mountain Development (August 2011 – Doc. A/66/294 pg. 12 parag. 37):

“Yachay Wasi, based in Peru, is an Indigenous non-governmental organization that focuses on the protection of biodiversity in the Andes and aims to make the voice of Indigenous peoples heard at the global level. In 2008, after completing the first phase of an environmental project recovery of the circuit of four lakes in the provinces of Acomayo and Canas, Yachay Wasi launched its “Million native trees campaign”.

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Japanese Student's Internship in Acopia JapanStudent

In October 2012, student Kaede Mitsunaga from Japan spent one month as an Intern with Yachay Wasi in Cuzco and Acopia, Peru. She was completing her graduation thesis on "Sustainable Tourism and Indigenous/Local communities".(Photo: Kaede Mitsunaga (left) with Sandra Ramos Delgado, Yachay Wasi)