FIRST PHASE of the Recovery of the Circuit of Four Lakes

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The First Phase was implemented (September 2007 thru February 2008)

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A Video Clip "Yachay Wasi Tratamiento Medio Ambiente" was filmed in August 2007 by Justin Lipson, filmmaker, journalist, director of Justice Productions.

The First Phase of the project, thru a grant from Rotary International, consisted of cleaning the waters and banks (over ground and underground) of Lakes Acopia and Pomacanchi. Environmental training of communities around these two lakes took place while the work was being done. Acopia will be the first village where a laundry facilities and toilettes will be built during Phase 2.

The Rotary International Grant, which was received in August 2007, was managed locally by Rotary Club del Cusco in cooperation with Yachay Wasi, Cusco which implemented the work.

Project leader was Alberto Delgado Aaroz. Coordinator was Engineer E. David Perez Mercado. Environmental Biologists were Carla Zusunaga P., Yanilda Molero O. & Monica Valenzuela P. Rotary y Yachay Wasi

On 17 November 2007, Rotary Club del Cusco President Federico Alarco and past president Flavio Miraval met in Acopia with project coordinator E. David Perez Mercado and Yachay Wasi president Luis Delgado Hurtado, to inspect work accomplished. A positive review was given. Rotary and Yachay Wasi

(Photo at left: Luis Delgado, Flavio Miraval, David Perez, Federico Alarco - Yachay Wasi office in Acopia, 17 November 2007)

(Photo at right: Federico Alarco, Luis Delgado, Flavio Miraval in front of Lake Acopia with Lake Pomacanchi in background, 17 November 2007)

First Phase Implementation: During the months of September, October and November 2007, solid waste was collected from the waters and banks of the lakes, also from discharge rivulets coming from the villages. This solid waste was collected in plastic bags and was temporarily stored in a field. Huayrachapi

This solid waste contains plastics and pharmaceutical discards, which must be recycled properly. Technical assistance is needed ! Solid waste Acopia

The Mayor of Acopia gave special support to the project with equipment and manpower. Municipal support Acopia



xxx Santo Domingo Santo Domingo

Environmental training took place with the communities in the villages near the lakes including Acopia, Santo Domingo and Huayrachapi. Some sessions involved the students of Acopia Secondary School.

Santo Domingo Santo Domingo

Cusco TV

On 23 November 2007, Yachay Wasi representatives met with Dr. Alejandro Soto Reyes of the Compania de Television Cusquena (CTC) who aired news of the project and of the beauty of the Circuit of four lakes on his Sunday show.

(Photo at left: Dr. Alejandro Soto Reyes, Luis Delgado Hurtado, Sandra Ramos Delgado, David Perez Mercado - 23 November 2007)

19 April 2007: UN Radio (Spanish) interviewed Luis Delgado Hurtado, President of Yachay Wasi: El sueno de una organizacion indigena peruana es legar lagos sin contaminacion a la humanidad....

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