A Baha’i’s Perspective on Religion and Science, A Philosophy of Science Study

a book by Eliane Lacroix-Hopson - published by Yachay Wasi, Inc. Copyright 2001

Historian Arnold Toynbee remarked that religions are “the chrysalis of civilizations” as their Founders taught the principles of civilization, a phenomenon progressively renewed in an historical spiralic evolution. Centuries ago, the Indigenous Peoples of South America had understood this cosmic spiralic phenomenon which they called “Pachacutic” while in North America it was further understood as the knowledge of an Eternal Creation “without beginning nor end”, reflection of the Will of the Creator on Pachamama, Mother Earth. Book

From these premises, Eliane Lacroix-Hopson, has written a study first presented in a 1982 book and in a series of 7-articles: “From Pachacutic to Eternity” in Yachay Wasi Newsletter from 1995 to 1997.

The present book extends the subject to the study of the historical conflict of religion and science stemming from the 5th cent. BCE (Before Common Era) Egyptian/Babylonian science and its fear of death carried over by the Biblical Genesis cosmogony into the Biblical religions leading to a 21st cent. unbalanced materialistic society and a spiritually confused Global Civilization.

The scientific knowledge of evolution is studied in the perspective of the evolution of the energy of the cosmos from the atom to the stars which scientists are starting to understand as an eternal pluralistic phenomenon demonstrated by the latest discoveries in astronomy.

Priest/Paleontologist Pierre Teihard de Chardin's "The Phenomenon of Man” (1955) capsulated eons of cosmic evolution in a scientific theory of love-energy from matter to civilization which is the scientific confirmation of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s writings on the Bahá’í basic principle of the essential agreement of religion and science in several books of the Bahá’í Scriptures (1844-1921.)

From ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s and Teilhard de Chardin’s works, a new vision of love-energy as cosmic environment emerges encompassing religion and science, life and death, time and eternity as the spiritual power of a new civilization, a New Age of Humankind Unity. Book

Eliane Lacroix-Hopson, born in France in 1917, a Baha'i lecturer and writer, made her professional career in electrical/nuclear engineering. Since her retirement, Ms. Lacroix-Hopson volunteered as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Representative at the United Nations for the International Romani Union (Gypsies) until 2000 and then for Yachay Wasi, a non-profit Indigenous Cultural and Educational Organization based in New York and in Cuzco, Peru. She passed away in 2014. (author shown at Small Press Book Fair in Manhattan- March 2002)

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