LATEST: Yachay Wasi Newsletter December 2012

The newsletter Yachay Wasi 'Simin', which means in Quechua: the Voice of Yachay Wasi, is the instrument building a bridge between the people of USA, their friends at large and the people of Qosqo (Cuzco) while implementing one of the goals of Yachay Wasi: to educate its membership and readers through its work and motivations. Originally published quarterly in bk/w from 1994 thru 2003, Newsletter has been published since once of year in color until current. Hard copy of Newsletter was bulk mailed in USA and to some international correspondents until 2011. It is now disseminated via internet and it is also posted on website.

The "Peru" page is a chronicle: from a boyview of the cultural history of Tawantinsuyu, the Inka Empire to vignettes of present Yachay Wasi's activities in the Cuzco region and contemporary issues in Peru.

"From Pachacutic to Eternity", a series, concluded a few years ago, investigated the Indigenous peoples' perspective on time/eternity and science/religion. This investigation then turned to science/religion in history, trying to understand our time in the perspective of historical evolution, and led to the publication of "Creation, Evolution and Eternity".

Most of Yachay Wasi "Simin" is information on Yachay Wasi collaboration with the United Nations; announcements and up to date information on matters of interest to Indigenous Peoples; on the Environment and on scientific developments in the perspective of the Global Civilization in progress.

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Class segregation at Machu Picchu

A Great Unknown Lady: The United Nations (Spring 2004, Part II & Summer 2003, Part I)

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Because of technical problems, layout of 2006 newsletter on website differs from hardcopy.

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LATEST: Yachay Wasi Newsletter December 2012