Is there anything to learn from Indigenous peoples' spirituality and wisdom? Here, we investigate the concepts of time and eternity, science and religion from the perspective of the Native American ancestral way of thinking.

The words "religion" and "science" do not exist in Indigenous peoples languages: they only know of Creation which encompasses all knowledge in a comprehensible whole of which the peoples are part. This knowledge of Creation is based on astronomy and the solar system known to South Americans 2,500 years before Copernicus. Instead of the Western linear way of thinking which stems from the ancient Egyptian/Babylonian science, Indigenous peoples follow the cyclical life of the planet coordinated by the relationship Sun/Moon/Earth which creates its own balance. This is the evident law of the Creator, the source of life of all beings from the smaller creatures to humans, from the mighty mountains to tribes and states. Man is not the master of the Creation, but its caretaker and learns from Mother Earth (Pacha Mama) and her Law of Love.

From this scheme of existence emerges the sense of eternity and the non-existence of death. Physical death is just one step from one cycle of life to another: such as the life-energy of a plant or an animal becomes the life-energy of the one who consumes them. In North America, the eternal Creation is represented by a circle, as a circle has no beginning nor end. South American Quechua/Inka represent the eternal Creation as a spiral: Pachacutic, the life spiral in time and space. The end of a spiral is the beginning of the next: end and beginning are one.

In the 60's, historian Arnold Toynbee had noted that civilizations evolved in cycles of history. During the 19 - 20th cent., successive cycles led to "World" Wars I and II and the emerging of a Global Civilization no one can ignore. Humankind is suddenly confronted with the reality of a lonely Planet Earth vulnerable to centuries of human abuses. We are trying to learn from the Indigenous Peoples' wisdom and are belatedly united in the hope to save "the Environment".

Copyright 1970-97 Eliane Lacroix-Hopson

From these premises, Eliane Lacroix-Hopson, has written a 2001 book entitled CREATION, EVOLUTION and ETERNITY... A Baha’i’s Perspective on Religion and Science, A Philosophy of Science Study". This book is the first publication of Yachay Wasi, Inc.